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Food Programs

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Hope Horizon is excited to provide all students with breakfast and lunch, free of charge to families. In an effort to meet all students basic needs, we believe that having a full stomach is a huge factor to being on task and successful in the classroom. Therefore, we strive to provide all students with at least one hot meal a day which is supported through our Title I Program. 


In collaboration with the counseling team and community-based resources, the Lakeview team goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our students. In addition to a free breakfast and lunch, the counselors provide all students with a daily snack to help them focus on their academics in the classroom. 

Lastly, the counselors also host the Backpack Buddies Program. This program is designed to provide students with additional meals to take home over the weekend to ensure students overall health and wellbeing. 

If your child attends Hope Horizon and you are interested in participating in the Backpack Buddy Program, please contact Rachel Haynes at 

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