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How do I enroll my child?

Parents cannot choose to enroll their child at Hope Horizon, it is an IEP team decision. We are a center-school for students with disabilities and are one of the most restrictive school settings for students before the Hospital/Homebound Program is necessary. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (EBD) and/or students with other disabilities and a major mental health diagnosis. In addition, the students behavior needs to be impeding the learning of themselves or others with Tier III interventions attempted at their home school prior to transitioning into the program. This process is in place to ensure your child is served in their least restrictive environment. 

If you believe your child is a candidate for Hope Horizon, please contact your child's school's Assistant Principal or Principal to discuss options for services prior to contacting Mrs. Perry or Dr. Stanley. 

are you a private, alternative, or charter school?

No. Hope Horizon is a public school, apart of the Escambia County School District. The primary difference between our school and others is that we only serve students with disabilities. We provide the same general education curriculum with additional supports and services prescribed by the IEP. Our school is designed with a small student to staff ratio (1:3) in order to maintain student and staff safety. 

do you wear uniforms?

No. Students at Hope Horizon are welcome to wear anything that they feel comfortable and confident in as long as it is appropriate and abides by the Escambia County School District Dress Code (p. 65). 

my child has outside services, can you work with them?

Yes! We would LOVE to collaborate with any service providers your child works with. Research consistently shows that students are more successful if all providers are communicating and working towards common goals. In order to discuss your child with an outside service agency, we will require an Authorized Release of Information on File. 

can i get copies of my childs records (e.g., point sheets)?

Absolutely! Parents often ask us for copies of documents such as PBIP progress notes, graphs, and point sheets. We can provide these in hard copy, email, FOCUS, or fax. These are very valuable tools to help you advocate for your child's needs or visually represent both progress and hiccups.

Please allow for up to two business days turn around time from the time of your request.  

What should i expect to see coming home?

  • Daily Point Sheet Report: Every child will come home with a small slip of paper which reports their daily percentage of points earned on our school-wide behavior system. This slip will categorize how their day was and communicate to families what Level your child is on (which determines privileges on campus). 
  • Weekly grades in FOCUS: Teachers are expected to enter at least one assignment into FOCUS per week. If your child's grade does not look accurate, please reach out to the child's teacher first, prior to contacting administration. 
  • Midterm and Quarterly Progress Notes: All students will receive IEP progress notes, PBIP progress notes, and grades every mid-term and end of quarter. The instructional staff will utilize this data at Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) meetings to make instructional and behavioral decisions regarding your child's supports. If changes are required to your child's plan, you will be invited to a meeting to discuss these proposals, and if needed an IEP meeting will be called.  
  • Optional Homework Assignments: Hope Horizon does not require homework assignments; however, secondary teachers do provide optional activities for practice that are worth bonus behavioral points. 
  • IEP meeting information: If requested, information (e.g., meeting notices, drafts, questionnaires) can be sent home via backpack at the parent's request.